Opera is unique and so are opera lovers. It is an art form that’s all about passion – the themes, the performers, the composers – and, thankfully, the supporters.  Opera Naples has enjoyed amazing growth and success because our supporters are passionate about opera and passionate about us.

As we all know, opera is a resource-intensive art form. It cannot be supported with ticket revenue alone – not even in Paradise. We rely on contributions to close the gap between what we earn at the box office and the cost of producing opera at the professional level.

We aspire to greatness, and thanks to the financial support we have received, we’ve been able to offer more each year. Our productions, our education and outreach programs, our ability to innovate, and every other aspect of Opera Naples has flourished. Our donors have been exceedingly kind and generous.

To our loyal supporters as well as to those who may be considering making a contribution for the first time, we offer our sincere gratitude and our promise to continue the pursuit of artistic excellence.

Every tax-deductible dollar you contribute makes a significant difference. Call 239.963.9050 to donate by phone, or click on the Donate Now button to give online.

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